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Set up a time to PILOT a few units at your property so you can see how you like our solution before purchasing. For a limited time, RESERVE UNITS free of charge for your property and you will receive 25% off a future purchase. 


Just leave us your name and contact - We'll reach out to get you all set up. 


How to Install

Coming Soon!

We designed our solution with the installation team at the top of mind. Only requires 5 simple fasteners with a built-in universal template.

Bathroom Toilet

Stop Disease Spread

Completely eliminate hand contact

  • 80% of infections are transmitted by hands.

  • Each user's hands are contaminated by the latch for the entirety of time within the stall

  • Within 1 hour of sterilization, bathrooms are completely recolonized by germs 

  • According to the CDC, only 65% of women and 31% of men wash their hands after using the restroom...

Increase Business

Increase customer retention
Decrease illness-related costs 

  • 91% of people think public restrooms should be equipped with touchless features. (Bradley Corp.)

  • Nearly 60% of Americans make a conscious decision to visit a specific business because they know it has nice restrooms. (Bradley Corp.)

  • For every $1.00 spent on workplace-based disease prevention and health promotion, medical costs drop by $3.27 & absentee costs fall by $2.73. (Harvard)

Create Insight

Leverage data to make supplying and maintaining

 more efficient

  • Connect our solution to your facility management software

  • Combat labor shortages by streamlining maintenance 

  • Ensure your restroom is supplied when needed

  • Receive notifications when stalls have been occupied for unusual amounts of time to prevent medical emergencies or illicit activity    

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