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Hands-Free | Retrofittable | Affordable

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Completing the Hands-Free Restroom

Almost everything in the public restroom is touchless...

Except the

Introducing the

The perfect solution for any restroom stall, providing hygiene and convenience.

How it Works

The SmartStall is a hands-free restroom stall latch for any commercial facility. With just a wave of your hand, the door automatically locks, providing secure, hygienic protection. Wave again to unlock, and the door opens itself with ease.

The Smart Part

Have facility management software?


Utilize smart insights to know when your restrooms need to be cleaned, resupplied, and more.


SmartStall locks are ADA-compliant and can be installed on in-swinging and out-swinging doors. 

Spec our solution into a new project OR retrofit your restroom easily by removing your old latch and installing our product with just 5 bolts!

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